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Thousands of veggies airdropped for animals affected by Australia fires
Thousands of vegetables have been dropped from helicopters to help hungry animals affected by bushfires in the Blue Mountains National Park, to the west of Sydney.
How eating veggies, fish can keep your heart healthy, lower heart disease risk
Your diet should be high in fresh vegetables, fish, and seafood in order to keep your heart at its healthiest.
Small indoor greenhouses let apartment dwellers grow veggies
You don't need a green thumb to grow vegetables indoors.
Four veggies and fruits to consume during Ramadan fasting
The holy Ramadan month is just ahead, which means that Muslims all around the world will have to partake in a daily fasting routine for 30-days straight. Fasting, in itself can be quite challenging for some, and here are several foods you can consume to maintain your health throughout Ramadan, reported.
Iran sends first ship with fruits, veggies to Qatar
Iran has increased shipments of food supplies to embattled Qatar. The country has announced that it has sent a ship with 180 tonnes of fruits and vegetables to the Persian Gulf emirate – the first such shipment after Doha was caught in a diplomatic row with its Arab neighbors.
Certain fruits, veggies may help with weight control
Eating fruits and vegetables that have high levels of substances called flavonoids may help a bit with weight control over time, a new study suggests.
Eating veggies not equal to avoiding junk food
Children who eat more carrots and apples are no less likely to eat candies and fries, warned a new study, suggesting that emphasizing on avoiding bad food is as important as adding good food in children's diet.
School-grown veggies increase salad selection
One simple way to make children eat healthier is to help them grow vegetables in the gardens, according to a new research.

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