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Jellyfish hurl venom 'grenades' to snare prey
A species of jellyfish hunts its prey by hurling venom grenades to create "stinging water", researchers said on Thursday, solving a long-standing mystery as to how they gather food without tentacles.
Fire ant venom could be used for skin treatments
A new study from Emory and Case Western universities found that compounds from fire ant venom could reduce skin thickening and inflammation in psoriasis.
How the tiger snake's venom beat evolution
With its exceedingly deadly venom unchanged over the past 10 million years, the Australian tiger snake has essentially defeated evolution.
Pre-mammalian reptile developed venom 100m years before snakes
New fossil evidence suggested the first species to deploy venom did so 260 million years ago.
Snake venom could relieve pain
A snake with the largest venom glands in the world could hold the answer to pain relief, scientists have found.
Could Irish spider venom cure diseases?
Spiders are summarily put to death with rolled up newspapers every day, with the lucky ones simply being ejected from our homes.

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