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Turkish ships chase Israeli vessel out of Cypriot waters
Turkish Navy ships intercepted an Israeli research vessel in Cypriot waters, over which Ankara claims jurisdiction, forcing it to leave the area in a move that could negatively impact an Israeli project to pipe natural gas to Europe.
IRGC seizes vessel smuggling fuel to UAE in Persian Gulf
Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has seized a ship carrying some 250,000 liters of smuggled diesel fuel in the Persian Gulf, detaining all crew members on board.
Iranian vessel wrecked near Azerbaijan; crew members rescued
An Iranian vessel was wrecked near Azerbaijan’s Lankaran port in the Caspian Sea on Friday, the Azerbaijani State Maritime Agency told Trend on July 26.
Iran’s Defense Ministry delivers homegrown vessel to police force
Iran’s Defense Ministry started delivering domestically-built Haidar-class patrol boats to the country’s police force operating in the Persian Gulf region.
Seoul impounds South Korean ship for violation of sanctions on North: Report
Seoul has reportedly impounded a South Korean vessel for the first time on the suspicion that it violated United Nations economic sanctions on North Korea.
Iran seizes trespassing Saudi vessel in Persian Gulf
The Navy of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) seized a Saudi vessel after trespassing on the Islamic Republic’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf.
Somali pirates take over Somali vessel to use as mothership: Police
Pirates have seized control of a Somali fishing boat to use as a base from which to attack larger ships, police said on Friday, a week after Somali pirates hijacked their first commercial vessel since 2012.
Navy foils pirate attack on Iranian vessel
Iran’s naval forces thwarted an attack by Somali pirates on an Iranian trade vessel in the Bab el-Mandeb Strait.
Restoration done on vessel that sank more than 300 years ago
Archeologists have finished restoring the partial remains of a frigate that was carrying French colonists to the New World when it sank in a storm off the Texas coast more than 300 years ago.
Iran official calls for seizure of vessel
An official has called on Iran’s neighbors to seize a Singapore-flagged vessel and hand it over to the country for seriously damaging an Iranian oil rig and fleeing the scene.
Iran, pioneer in building all kinds of vessels: Official
The Islamic Republic of Iran is among the pioneers in building all types of vessels and other maritime structures, despite the sanctions imposed on it over its peaceful nuclear program.
Russia warns France on vessel delivery
Russia has warned France of “serious” consequences should Paris fail to deliver a Mistral-class assault warship by the end of the month, a report says.

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