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Syrian troops liberate several villages, hoist national flag in Quneitra
Syrian army troops and their allied forces have raised the national flag in Quneitra in the southwest of the Arab country, as government soldiers continue their push to retake full control of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, a strategic Syrian territory that borders Jordan.
Myanmar bulldozes what is left of Rohingya Muslim villages
Satellite imagery shows Myanmar authorities have bulldozed at least 55 Rohingya villages in northern Rakhine in recent months, Human Rights Watch said Friday, condemning the government for erasing evidence at sites where troops are accused of atrocities.
Syrian forces seize dozens of villages in advance on key base
Syrian troops have recaptured dozens of towns and villages from terrorists, a monitor said Sunday, bringing them closer to a key military airport in the country's northwest.
Iraqi army, allies recapture over dozen villages near Hawijah
Iraqi government forces and allied fighters from Popular Mobilization Units have established control over more than a dozen villages near the northern town of Hawijah.
Iraqi security forces retake 5 villages southwest of Tal Afar from Daesh
Iraqi government forces have managed to seize back five villages near Tal Afar as they are battling the Daesh Takfiri terrorists in joint operations with allied fighters from the Popular Mobilization Units to push the terrorists out of the northern city.
Syrian army crosses into Raqqah province, captures two villages
As the battle for the liberation of areas held by terrorists goes on, the Syrian army has crossed into the province of Raqqah and retaken two villages from the Daesh Takfiri terrorists.
1,930 villages brought under waste management system
Environment Desk Some 1,930 villages were covered by waste management system (including collecting, transferring and burying the waste) during the tenure of the current administration which took office in August 2013, said the deputy head of Iran Municipalities and Rural Managements Organization.
Syrian troops, allies liberate 11 villages in northeastern Aleppo
Syrian government forces, backed by allied popular fighters, have retaken nearly a dozen more villages in the northern province of Aleppo from Daesh Takfiri terrorists as they continue to score territorial gains in battles against extremists across the country.
Muslim villages ‘intentionally’ torched by Myanmar troops
The Myanmar Army has intentionally burned down more than 1,500 homes and other buildings in a systematic pattern of destruction targeting the country’s Rohingya Muslims, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said.
Iraqi army troops seize back four villages north of Daesh-held Mosul
Iraqi army soldiers have managed to liberate four villages north of the strategic city of Mosul as government forces, backed by fighters from Popular Mobilization Units and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, press ahead with an operation to expel Daesh terrorists from the area.
Satellite images show Myanmar Rohingya villages torched
Hundreds of buildings in Rohingya villages in western Myanmar have been torched, according to new satellite images released on Sunday as fresh fighting flared in the strife-torn region.
Syrian army recaptures towns, villages in Hama
Syrian government forces and their allies recapture several towns and villages in Hama province, pushing back militants who had made significant advances in the area in recent weeks.
Indonesia to patrol villages to prevent forest fires
Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry is set to conduct patrols in 115 villages considered prone to forest and peat land fires.
Tourism infrastructures to be set up in 500 villages
Based on Rural Tourism Development Plan, tourism infrastructures will be established in 500 villages within the framework of resistance economy as stipulated in the Sixth Five-Year Economic Development Plan (2016-2021), said the head of National Tourism Committee.
Iraq recaptures four villages in Anbar Province
Iraqi military and allied volunteer fighters have recaptured several villages in volatile western province of Anbar, dealing another blow to Daesh militants as anti-Takfiri operations continue.

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