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AI scans social media to predict when protests will turn violent
With all the hostility on social media, it may sound oxymoronic to say that social media platforms could curb violence.
Senegal protest against proposed election law turns violent
Police in Senegal have clashed with people protesting against a proposed law that would demand more strict requirements for presidential election candidates.
Bangladesh anti-quota protest turns violent
Police forces in Bangladesh have used teargas and rubber bullets against students protesting job quotas.
Researchers call for true picture of domestic violent crime
Violence against women could become significantly less visible in police-recorded crime figures when a new counting method comes into effect, warned researchers at Lancaster University.
Violent clashes erupt in Buenos Aires over pension reform (Video)
Argentina’s National Congress went ahead with controversial pension reforms as police and protesters clashed outside the Buenos Aires Parliament on Monday.
Demo in memory of Greek teen killed by police in 2008 turns violent
Masked youths have thrown stones and vandalized property in Athens during annual protests in remembrance of a teenage boy killed by police in 2008.
Situation under control in Sana'a: Yemen governing body
Yemen's Supreme Political Council which runs state affairs said the situation in the capital Sana'a is back to normal following days of violent clashes between forces loyal to ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh and Houthi fighters.
Iran warns of adopting violent policies to resolve world problems
Iran’s first vice president said violent policies should not be allowed to be replaced by dialogue-based solutions, stressing that Tehran strongly supports negotiation as the best solution to problems in the world.
Violent crime increases during warmer weather
Among police officers, there's a maxim: Being a cop gets a whole lot busier when it's hot out. Now, a study by a pair of Drexel University researchers appears to back them up.
Far-right violent acts up 14% in Germany in 2016: Report
Violent acts by neo-Nazis and other far-right groups in Germany rose 14 percent to 1,600 in 2016, reflecting a steady increase in anti-immigrant sentiment triggered by the arrival of large numbers of migrants since 2014, an intelligence report said.
Violent anti-India protests erupt in Kashmir after rebel leader killed
Violent protests have erupted in Indian-controlled Kashmir after Indian troops allegedly killed a top leader of the pro-independence Hizb-ul-Mujahideen group.
US summons Turkish ambassador over violent confrontation
The US State Department has summoned the Turkish ambassador after Tuesday’s violent confrontation between protesters and Turkish security personnel in Washington, DC.
Violent crime surge in London amid ‘significant’ cuts to police budgets
Britain is in the grip of a sudden surge in violent crime, Britain’s largest police force has warned, adding that years of budget cuts may at least be partially responsible.
South African police fire rubber bullets at anti-immigrant march
South African police fired rubber bullets, tear gas and stun grenades to break up violent clashes between local protesters and migrants in Pretoria on Friday at an anti-immigration march.
Bombing, violent clashes kill 10 troops in southeast Turkey
A roadside bomb attack and violent clashes with militants have claimed lives of at least nine Turkish soldiers across Turkey's largely Kurdish southeast, security sources say.

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