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How to prevent the deadly flu virus this winter
Flu is a common viral infection that’s spread by sneezes and coughs, said the NHS.
Genetically engineered 'Rumpelstiltskin' virus transforms gold atoms into beads
A team of researchers used a common bacteriophage to manipulate gold into morphing into a sphere on the nano level.
New Ebola virus strain discovered in West Africa
Epidemiological researchers in West Africa discovered a new strain of the Ebola virus among bats in Sierra Leone.
Virus may boost immune system
Researchers have discovered a virus may help an aging immune system, based on research involving mice.
Rare bat virus kills at least 10 in India as officials scramble to control outbreak
Health officials in India are on high alert for a rare deadly virus spread by fruit bats that can cause flu-like symptoms and has already killed at least 10, with more than 40 others in quarantine.
Special UV light safely kills airborne flu virus
Continuous low doses of far ultraviolet C (far-UVC) light can kill airborne flu viruses without harming human tissues, according to a new study at the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC).
Researchers report how Zika virus infects developing brain
An international research team reported that the Zika virus is transmitted from mother to her fetus by infected cells that will later develop into the brain's first and primary form of defense against invasive pathogens.
What is Hepatitis E? (video)
Hepatitis E is caused by the hepatitis E virus — which can infect both animals and humans.
WHO says India reports cases of Zika virus
India has reported cases of the Zika virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) said, adding that efforts should be made to strengthen surveillance.
Zika virus can keep growing in infant brains even after birth
US researchers have found evidence of the Zika virus replicating in fetal brains for up to seven months after the mother became infected with the virus, and they showed the virus can persist even after birth, according to a study.
New research sheds light on deformed wing virus, a threat to honey bees
Bees face a multitude of environmental threats. A group of scientists in Austria think one of them is underappreciated and under-studied.
Zika virus: Singapore confirms 41 locally transmitted cases
Singapore has confirmed 41 cases of the Zika virus which were locally transmitted.
Zika virus could have Alzheimer's-like effect in adults
Zika can 'wreak havoc' on the brains of adults and cause major, lasting damage, according to a new study.
Zika mystery widens as Utah caregiver contracts virus
US health officials are investigating the mysterious case of a person in Utah who contracted Zika while caring for an elderly man infected with the virus who died last month.
Murray to seek Zika virus advice
Andy Murray will seek medical guidance on the Zika virus before travelling to Rio for the Olympics.

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