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Straight arms or bent? For walking, it's clear; for running, less so
It is a question that perhaps only a scientist would ask and try to answer: Why do we walk with straight arms but run with them bent?
Dog owner ‘walking’ his dog while driving down busy road
A dog owner was caught on camera walking his pet while driving Play. The animal, thought to be a whippet, was being dragged along by its lead through the window of a silver Nissan X-Trail.
Walking for half an hour a day can reduce severity of stroke
Walking for just 35 minutes a day or swimming for three hours a week could protect you from severe strokes, says a new study.
Hominins were walking like Homo sapiens earlier than scientists thought
Early hominins had adopted a human-like gait prior to the emergence of the Homo genus, new research suggested.
Walking crystals may lead to new field of crystal robotics
Researchers have demonstrated that tiny micrometer-sized crystals —just barely visible to the human eye — can ‘walk’ inchworm-style across the slide of a microscope.
The evolution of walking may have happened earlier than thought
The first animals to walk may have evolved locomotion underwater.
Regular walking may help older adults live longer
Regular walking may help older adults live longer, even if they don’t walk enough to meet exercise guidelines, a new study found.
Soft robotic ankle support improves walking in stroke patients
US researchers have created a lightweight, soft robotic ankle support that could help stroke patients walk more easily, according to a study.
Walking could reduce risk of developing Alzheimer's disease?
Alzheimer’s disease affects 850,000 people in the UK, and sufferers — or people wanting to prevent it — are told to do regular physical activity to help ward off symptoms.
Researchers build first deployable, walking, soft robot
Researchers have built the first robot made of soft, deployable materials that is capable of moving itself without the use of motors or any additional mechanical components.
Baby's early walking may mean stronger bones as teen
British scientists report that toddlers who can walk, run and jump by the time they are 18 months old may have stronger bones as teenagers.
Humans ‘surprisingly bad’ at walking
Trips, falls and generally bumping into things may be an obvious sign of clumsiness but scientists believe there may be another explanation — we’re just not very good at walking.
Upbeat walking style might lift your mood
The way you walk can affect your mood, according to a new study.
Walking protects against functional limitation in OA
For individuals with or at risk of knee osteoarthritis, walking is associated with reduced incidence of functional limitation over two years, according to a new study.

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