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US-backed Kurdish militants slam Turkish threats as 'declaration of war'
The so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a US-backed coalition of mainly Kurdish militants that maintains a grip on northeastern Syria, together with its component, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), have censured Turkish threats of a new operation in the crisis-hit Arab country as a “declaration of war”, calling on world powers to stop the assault.
Mukwege: Fight to end rape in war must begin in peacetime
Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege may have won his Nobel Prize for his work to end sexual violence in war, but the surgeon said the groundwork for equality must be laid in peacetime, as he praised movements like #MeToo.
Money talks to keep war in Yemen alive: Pundit
The Saudi aggression against Yemen continues despite all casualties and destruction in the impoverished country, because arms dealers are earning money, says a commentator.
Rouhani: Iran will not yield to US psychological war, will continue oil exports
Iran will continue to export oil despite US sanctions, which are part of a psychological war doomed to failure, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday.
Time travel claim: Man ‘from 3070’ reveals all-out war between humans and robots ‘is near’
A time traveler from the year 3700 has claimed a war between robots and humanity is near and has tried to prove his claim by showing a robotic arm.
World must stop arms sales to Saudi to end Yemen war: Analyst
The world should stop its arms sales to Saudi Arabia if it is serious about ending the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen, says a political analyst.
US carrier leads warships in biggest ever Japan war game
The United States and Japan have continued with the biggest combat readiness exercise ever staged in and around Japan.
Poland demands war reparations from Germany
The president of Poland repeated Sunday his country's demand for Germany to pay reparations over World War II, days before ministers from Berlin and Warsaw will sit down for bilateral talks.
Decades of war shatter Afghanistan's glassblowing craft
Hunched and shriveled, Afghan glassblower Ghulam Sakhi deftly blows and twirls molten glass into delicate blue and green goblets and vases — a craft passed down for generations but now at risk of dying out.
Over 15,000 Yemeni civilians killed in Saudi-led military aggression: Rights group
The Legal Center for Rights and Developments in Yemen said the ongoing Saudi-led military campaign against the impoverished and conflict-plagued Arab country has claimed the lives of more than 15,000 civilians.
Saudi Arabia deliberately targeting Yemen's food supply: Report
Saudi Arabia has deliberately impaired Yemen’s food supply by systematically targeting the war-torn country’s fishing installations, fishermen, agricultural sites and other food related infrastructure, according to a report.
UN: No military solution for Afghanistan war
More than 8,000 Afghan civilian casualties so far this year
Foreign policy bigwigs: Trump’s policies doomed to failure
US President Donald Trump is risking a potential war with Iran unless he engages the country using diplomacy, not just pressure tactics, dozens of prominent US foreign policy, intelligence and national security figures argue in a new public statement.

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