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Over 15,000 Yemeni civilians killed in Saudi-led military aggression: Rights group
The Legal Center for Rights and Developments in Yemen said the ongoing Saudi-led military campaign against the impoverished and conflict-plagued Arab country has claimed the lives of more than 15,000 civilians.
Saudi Arabia deliberately targeting Yemen's food supply: Report
Saudi Arabia has deliberately impaired Yemen’s food supply by systematically targeting the war-torn country’s fishing installations, fishermen, agricultural sites and other food related infrastructure, according to a report.
UN: No military solution for Afghanistan war
More than 8,000 Afghan civilian casualties so far this year
Foreign policy bigwigs: Trump’s policies doomed to failure
US President Donald Trump is risking a potential war with Iran unless he engages the country using diplomacy, not just pressure tactics, dozens of prominent US foreign policy, intelligence and national security figures argue in a new public statement.
Ashes of war to S. Korea holiday gift: Spam Spam Spam
From the front lines of war to a staple of institutional catering, Spam is rarely seen as a gourmet ingredient — but the canned pink meat holds a unique position in South Korea as a top-selling holiday gift.
China paper: Beijing won't play just defense in trade war with US
A widely read Chinese newspaper says China will not be content only to play defense in an escalating trade war with the administration of US President Donald Trump.
Saudi war machine revs up as UN envoy visits Yemen
Saudi Arabia intensified its invasion of Yemen as the United Nations special envoy for the violence-scarred country arrived in the capital Sana’a on Sunday in an attempt to cobble together a conflict resolution mechanism.
Israel not prepared to launch new war on Lebanon: Hezbollah official
A high-ranking member of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement says the ongoing developments in the Israeli-occupied territories do not allow the Tel Aviv regime to launch new military aggression against Lebanon.
Macron admits systematic use of torture in Algeria war
France has admitted that it instigated a "system" that led to torture during Algeria's independence war in the 1950s and 1960s as it comes to grips with its long-suppressed legacy of colonial crimes.
More Afghans displaced by drought than war: UN
A total of 275,000 people have been displaced by drought in western Afghanistan — 52,000 more than the number uprooted by conflict this year — with over two million threatened by the effects of water shortages, the United Nations said.
Leader says war unlikely but urges boosting Iran’s defenses
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Sunday said war is unlikely but called on Iran’s Armed Forces to boost their defense capabilities amid increased tension with the United States.
UN points to possible 'war crimes' in Yemen war
UN investigators said Tuesday, all sides in Yemen's bloody conflict may have committed war crimes, highlighting deadly airstrikes and the recruitment of young children as soldiers.
Western media refuses to blame US for Yemen war: Analyst
The Western media refuses to blame the United States for the current crisis in Yemen, adding that this is why the reality on the ground has not been exposed, says an analyst.

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