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Global warming as important to UK voters as economy amid climate crisis
Tackling global warming is now as important a priority for voters as the economy in the UK, according to an official opinion poll.
Global warming may trigger heart attack risk
Extreme temperatures can have a deadly effect on a person's heart, new research showed.
Scientists: Global warming imperils stratocumulus clouds that deter hothouse Earth
Marine clouds that protect us from hothouse Earth conditions by reflecting sunlight back into space could break up and vanish if carbon dioxide in the atmosphere triples, researchers warned on Monday.
Report: Norway's Arctic islands at risk of 'devastating' warming
Icy Arctic islands north of Norway are warming faster than almost anywhere on Earth and more avalanches, rain and mud may cause ‘devastating’ changes by 2100, a Norwegian report said.
Nations urged to tackle 'urgent threats' at UN climate talks
With the direst warnings yet of impending environmental disaster still ringing in their ears, representatives from nearly 200 nations gathered Sunday in Poland to firm up their plan to prevent catastrophic climate change.
Global warming will unlock ancient diseases like the plague, scientists say
Global warming could reawaken ancient diseases — even the Black Death — according to an Oxford University professor.
Global warming: What’s so significant about 1.5°C?
A major report is to set out what needs to be done to keep global temperature rises to no more than 1.5°C — and what that will mean for the planet. Here’s what you need to know.
No, wind farms are not causing global warming
Despite what you may have reader, wind farms are not causing the planet to heat up.
Caution urged over use of 'carbon unicorns' to limit warming
Climate scientists meeting in Korea are being urged to avoid relying on untested technologies as a way of keeping global temperature rise under 1.5°C.
Green electricity not enough to curb global warming
The adoption of clean energies to power electric grids won't be sufficient to meet the Paris climate targets established by the UN.
Global warming linked with rising antibiotic resistance
New research suggested rising temperatures are encouraging antibiotic resistance in cities across the US.
Keeping global warming to 1.5 °C helps most species hold their ground
Limiting global warming this century to just 1.5°C above preindustrial temperatures would be a boon to the planet’s biodiversity.
Global warming mixing up nature's dinner time
Global warming is screwing up nature's intricately timed dinner hour, often making hungry critters and those on the menu show up at much different times, a new study shows.

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