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Compulsory school jabs needed in UK to prevent measles spread, experts warn
Children may need to be vaccinated against measles before starting school to prevent the spread of the disease in the UK, experts have warned.
EU warns US against exposing EU firms in Cuba
The European Union on Wednesday reiterated its opposition to European firms and citizens being caught out by US sanctions on Cuba, calling on Washington to adhere to a 1998 agreement to grant a consistent waiver for EU companies and citizens.
Legal plastic content in animal feed could harm human health, experts warn
Plastic traces in animal feed could pose a risk to human health and urgently need to be the subject of more research, experts have told the Guardian.
Satellites warn African farmers of pest infestations
UK researchers developed an early warning system to prevent the crops of African farmers from being devastated.
UNICEF warns against Yemen’s economic crisis, violence
The United Nations children's agency said Yemen's economic crisis and the relentless violence at a key Red Sea port city risk leaving millions of children and families without food, clean water and sanitation.
Delay in Lebanon government formation risks sliding towards tension, Hezbollah warns
The parliamentary bloc of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has warned about delay in forming a new government, stressing any further deferral risks the Arab country sliding “towards tension.”
UK Foreign Secretary Hunt warns of no-deal Brexit risk
Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said on Monday there was a risk of no-deal Brexit if EU negotiators waited too long for Britain to “blink,” as the deadline for an agreement nears.
Trump's auto tariffs may cost US jobs, harm economy, US industry groups warn
US automakers and manufacturers have cautioned that President Donald Trump’s insistence on imposing major tariffs on imported automobiles may lead to rising unemployment and harm the nation’s economy.
Google to warn when humans chat with convincing bots
Google said it will take steps to ensure that humans are not fooled when they get called by software bots that can convincingly mimic the human voice.
Philippines warns UN: Do not 'weaponize' rights
The Philippines' top diplomat warned the United Nations on Tuesday not to 'weaponize' human rights and urged it to send an impartial investigator to probe President Rodrigo Duterte's deadly anti-drug war.
Turkey warns US troops over Syria clash risk
Turkey on Sunday threatened to expand its operation against the Kurdish militia in Syria to the town of the Manbij and even east of the Euphrates, warning that American soldiers risked being targeted in the area if they wore enemy uniform.
CBI governor warns speculators they face losses betting against rial
Central Bank of Iran governor on Monday warned investors speculating on the fall of the rial that they were heading for losses because his bank could control the foreign exchange market and the currency was likely to rebound in the next couple of months.
UN warns of massive rights abuses against Muslims in southern Philippines
Two UN-appointed experts have warned that an extension of a martial law imposed on territories populated by a Muslim indigenous community in the southern Philippines may intensify the massive human rights abuses currently committed against members of the group.
UK migration figures underscore acute risk of labor shortage
Data showing that net migration into the UK has plummeted since the Brexit vote underscores the risk of an acute labor shortage and should be deeply troubling for everyone, leading business groups have warned.
Commander warns Washington against hegemonic approach
If the US governing body fails to abandon its hegemonic approach, they will be forced to alter their policies, warns Iran's chief Armed Forces spokesman.

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