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Hong Kong protesters in streets despite China’s warning
Hong Kong protesters defied a warning by China’s President Xi Jinping and again took to the city’s streets on Friday, as the political turmoil seeped out to London where a minister from the southern Chinese city was confronted by masked demonstrators.
Study reveals early warning signs of having an eating disorder
Early warning signs that someone may have an eating disorder have been revealed in a large-scale data study conducted by Swansea University researchers.
Boeing delayed fix of defective 737 MAX warning light for 3 years: US lawmakers
US lawmakers say aviation giant Boeing discovered in 2017 that a cockpit warning light on its 737 MAX aircrafts that played a role in two air disasters was defective but decided to defer fixing it until 2020.
Envoy rejects UK warning for Iranians not to visit Iran
Iran’s ambassador to London dismissed Britain's travel warning for dual UK-Iranian nationals, saying all citizens are safe during their visit provided that they do not work for foreign intelligence agencies.
Notre Dame fire a warning bell
It’s a thin line where the patina of age on Europe’s countless monuments gives way to the onset of neglect. Like with so many loved ones, all is assumed to be fine, until suddenly it’s not.
Heartburn could be a warning sign of oesophageal cancer
Cancer is a deadly disease that’s caused by specific cells in the body reproducing uncontrollably, according to the NHS.
French interior minister warns of yellow vest riots today
The French interior minister warned on Friday that violence could flare up on the 23rd Saturday of yellow vest protests, as authorities banned marches around the fire-gutted Notre-Dame cathedral.
Saudi Arabia to lift travel warning for Lebanon
Saudi Arabia will lift its warning against citizens traveling to Lebanon, its ambassador to Beirut says, as a visiting envoy from the kingdom met top Lebanese officials.
UN chief warns ‘we are losing the race’ on climate change
The Paris climate accord has been shaken by the withdrawal of the United States under President Donald Trump, and by threats to do the same by Brazil’s new hard-right leader Jair Bolsonaro.
UN concerned about fighting in eastern DR Congo
The UN has sounded the alarm over fighting in eastern DR Congo, warning that violence, which is unfolding alongside an Ebola outbreak, could hamper next month's elections.
Dry lakes and dust storms: Dramatic changes to Yukon glaciers warning for planet, researchers say
The dramatic changes to the glaciers in the southwest Yukon in Canada are an early warning of what climate change could mean for the rest of the planet, researchers say.
Cancer warning — why you should never ignore this symptom on your teeth
Cancer is caused by certain cells growing and reproducing uncontrollably in the body, said the NHS.
Low-emission cows: Farming responds to climate warning
From low-emission cows to robotic soil management, the farming industry will have to explore new approaches in the wake of a UN warning that the world needs to cut meat consumption or face worsening climate chaos.
Urinating less is a warning sign of severe hypertension
High blood pressure, or hypertension, happens when the pressure of blood in the body is too high.
Iran raps UK for travel warning: No Iranian prosecuted for dual citizenship
Iran's ambassador to the UK slammed London for warning Iranians living in Britain against visiting Iran, stating that no one is prosecuted by the Islamic Republic merely for dual citizenship.

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