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Does weather really affect our experience of pain?
A new study finds that, for people living with arthritis and other conditions that cause chronic pain, a certain kind of weather increases pain.
Argentine farmers 'sailing without a compass' amid political uncertainty, dry weather
Unusually dry weather is making Argentine farmers nervous as they wait for October rains to revive parched corn crops, adding to uncertainty around next month’s presidential election that could see business-friendly incumbent Mauricio Macri lose power.
10 tips for a better sleep in hot weather
As temperatures soar across the UK, the difficulty of getting a good night's sleep is on many people's minds. But there are things you can do to beat the heatwave. Here are some tips, BBC wrote.
Bumblebees affected by 2018 extreme UK weather, experts say
Last year’s weather extremes, from snowstorms to drought, led to a tough year for many of the UK’s bumblebees, conservationists have said.
The winter weather window that is costing rapeseed growers millions
UK rapeseed growers are losing up to a quarter of their crop yield each year because of temperature rises during an early-winter weather window.
New NASA mission to study, forecast space weather selected
NASA selected a $42 million mission that will help scientists understand and, ultimately, forecast the vast space weather system around our planet.
Australian weather agency warns of tornadoes and more rain after devastating floods
Once-in-a-century floods have turned streets into rivers and forced thousands to abandon their homes in north-east Australia on Sunday, with authorities warning of tornadoes and more rain over the next few days.
Australia's weather bureau sees 70 percent chance of El Niño  in 2018
A recent warming of the Pacific Ocean has led to a 70 percent chance of an El Niño weather event developing this year, Australia's Bureau of Meteorology said.
North America treated to dazzling display because of rare space weather phenomenon
A gaping fissure opened in the Earth’s magnetic field, causing an epic geomagnetic storm of almost biblical proportions as solar winds induced a scintillating display of otherworldly green light.
Ground-penetrating radar tech for self-driving cars curbs weather risks
Autonomous vehicles need to stay in their lanes and if hazardous weather conditions dominate the morning, day or night drive, then the self-driving car will need to have the right tech to cope. US-based WaveSense thinks that it can be a big help in that direction, wrote.
Hotter weather turbocharges US west wildfires
The years with the most acres burned by wildfires have some of the hottest temperatures, an AP analysis of fire and weather data found.
Radar better than weather balloon for measuring boundary layer
Improving forecasting for a host of severe weather events may be possible thanks to a more comprehensive method for measuring the Earth's boundary layer depth, developed by Penn State researchers.
Tokyo weather prompts 2020 fears
As the two-year mark approaches for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Japan is being scorched by an intense heatwave that has prompted fears of similar extreme weather when the sporting showpiece takes place in the country.
New method makes weather forecasts right as rain
Meteorologists have known for some time that rainfall forecasts have flaws, as failure to take into account factors such as evaporation can affect their accuracy.
Weather-related water problems hit 20,000 London homes
More than 20,000 homes in London were left without water or suffered from low pressure because of freezing weather.

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