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Weight loss drug does not increase heart health risks: Study
People who take the weight loss drug Lorcaserin do not have increased risk for heart attack, stroke or death from heart disease, according to a study.
5 reasons to eat more eggs, boost your fitness and weight loss efforts
Eggs are a great weight loss food as well as rich in nutrients that help you stay fit and power your exercise routine. Here are 5 benefits that you need to know about.
Ghee for weight loss, nutrition benefits and when to have it
Ghee for weight loss: While ghee is considered to be fattening, there are several benefits to it as well and it actually helps you lose weight and detox.
Swimming for weight loss, here’s how to get more out of the best exercise to lose weight fast
Swimming for weight loss: Swimming may not be the first activity that pops to mind when you think of weight loss, but fitness experts say it is a useful aerobic activity for overall fitness and toning. Swimming also burns fat long after your session.
5 reasons why yoga is great for weight loss, heart health, reducing stress
On International Yoga Day (June 21), take a look at what makes yoga the perfect exercise for losing the extra kilos, boosting heart health, managing diabetes, and more.
Healthy snacks for weight loss, refer to this expert-approved list for quick results
You may be exercising regularly and eating healthy meals to reach your weight loss goals faster. But if you turn to junk food while snacking, you’re not likely to see progress. Read on to know which foods are approved by experts.
Weight loss and combating diabetes can reduce pancreatic cancer risk
Pancreatic cancer symptoms include stomach and back pain, nausea and blood clots. For diabetes type 2 sufferers, they are at greater risk of developing the condition owing to their symptoms. You should do this to lower your risk.
Midlife weight loss tied to later dementia risk
Declining weight from middle-age years to late life may be a sign of impending dementia, a new Mayo Clinic study suggested.
Cholesterol levels improve with weight loss
A University of California, San Diego School of Medicine study finds that weight loss programs that provide healthy fats, such as olive oil in the Mediterranean diet, or a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet have similar impacts on pound-shedding.
Early weight loss can cut diabetes risk
New research has found that the risk of diabetes associated with obesity can be reversed if obese young people make efforts to lose weight before middle-age.
Mining region rewards weight loss with coal
A major Russian mining region is launching a television show to help people lose weight — with participants earning lumps of coal as a reward, it's reported.
Weight Loss may help control irregular heartbeat
Overweight patients treated for a common type of irregular heartbeat are less likely to experience a relapse if they lose the extra pounds and maintain that healthier weight, two new studies suggest.
Could electrical stimulation to brain help with weight loss?
Giving a region of the brain that's key to self-control and motivation a zetz of electrical stimulation may help the obese to eat less and lose more weight, says a new study.
Weight loss fights liver condition
Weight loss can improve liver health of obese or overweight people, whether excess pounds are shed through lifestyle changes or weight-loss surgery, a pair of studies finds.
Weight loss could happen while relaxing
Fat-burning that leads to weight loss while you sleep or relax sounds like a promise from a quack fad diet, but new genetic research into the causes of obesity suggests it might be possible.

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