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Startling new climate tool shows that by 2050, Australia won't have a winter at all
A team of scientists and designers recently teamed up to create a tool that would show Australians what the climate is expected to be like in their cities in the year 2050 — and it led to a startling discovery
Children affected more by asthma in winter
Children suffer more from asthma than adults and this is all the more severe in winter.
Most doctors fear hospitals won't cope this winter
More than half of doctors fear that their hospital will be unable to cope this winter, according to a poll which also found fewer than a third had been involved in any planning for the coming months.
Feeling gloomy? Why you should ditch your addiction to junk light this winter
If I were to offer you the choice between a bucket of deep-fried chicken or a slice of organic roast chicken, you would be pretty clear on what would be the healthy option. Omega-3s, organically grown, bioflavonoids, antioxidants… we understand how important food is to our health.
How to prevent the deadly flu virus this winter
Flu is a common viral infection that’s spread by sneezes and coughs, said the NHS.
S. Korea strengthens bird flu quarantine efforts ahead of winter
South Korea's agriculture ministry vowed Tuesday to step up quarantine measures against bird flu as about 40,000 migratory birds have flocked here.
Best supplements to avoid cold and flu: Four high street remedies to take this winter
Best supplements to avoid cold and flu this winter: Wrapping up warm, drinking plenty of water and getting good sleep are all ways of building up immunity, but sometimes your body needs a helping hand to keep you feeling strong. One way to do this is to give your body the right nutrients.
Ways to keep cold and flu symptoms at bay this winter
Flu is a common infectious viral illness spread by coughs and sneezes. Symptoms are similar to those of the common cold but are more severe and last longer.
Olympic Games kick off in PyeongChang
The Winter Olympics sparked to life in a vivid, colorful ceremony of fire and ice in South Korea on Friday, though the diplomacy was tougher to choreograph in the stadium where leaders from nations that are sworn enemies sat close together.
Brutal cold follows massive East Coast winter storm
At least 22 died from blast of winter weather
Frigid temperatures, some that could feel as cold as minus 30 degrees, moved across the East Coast of the US as the region attempted to clean up from a massive winter storm that brought more than a foot of snow, hurricane-force winds and coastal flooding. Forecasters predict strong winds and record-breaking cold air will sweep the region, from the mid-Atlantic to New England, and hang around through the weekend.
China unveils 2017-2021 winter clean heating plan
China announced on Sunday a five-year plan to convert northern Chinese cities to clean heating during the winter through to 2021, state media reported, amid a deepening heating crisis.
Cold weather, loneliness 'lethal in winter'
The combination of cold weather and loneliness could be lethal in the coming months, England's most senior nurse is warning.
This winter, say no to dry skin. Follow this 7-step routine to ensure flawless skin
Don’t let the cold weather get the better of you. Make sure your skin is moisturised, hydrated and shiny all year round. Here’s how.
Doctors braced for winter flu outbreak amid fears over vaccine
Doctors in Britain are bracing themselves for an outbreak of flu in the next few weeks that could match Australia’s recent epidemic — one of the worst for a decade.

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