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India creating fewer jobs for world’s biggest workforce
India will create at least 1.6 million fewer formal jobs across government and low-paying sectors, State Bank of India estimates, a segment that typically absorbs some of the millions of youth entering the world’s biggest workforce each year.
Poll: One in four Americans don’t plan to retire despite realities of ageing
Nearly one-quarter of Americans say they never plan to retire, according to a poll that suggests a disconnection between individuals’ retirement plans and the realities of ageing in the workforce.
India's top court to provide daycare facilities, after years of requests
India’s Supreme Court will set-up a daycare center for its staff, which advocates said will increase the number of women in the workforce by setting an example for others to follow.
Zimbabwe workforce riddled with depression
About 10 percent of Zimbabwean workers take time off due to depression, a common mental disorder, statistics showed.
Employee outsourcing hides slaves in the workforce
Failure to monitor outsourced recruitment is resulting in companies inadvertently employing victims of modern slavery, according to new research led by our School of Management.
Robots to replace humans in all work within 120 years
A robot workforce will completely replace humans within 120 years according to scientists who have predicted exactly how they are doing it.
Japan cracks door for foreign housekeepers
The door has opened for the first foreign housekeepers to be hired under a Japanese government policy aimed at helping women re-enter the workforce after having children.
Yahoo to cut workforce by 15%
Yahoo is cutting 15 percent of its workforce as the company pursues an 'aggressive strategic plan' to return to profitability.
Halliburton to cut 8 percent of global workforce
US oil services company Halliburton plans to eliminate up to eight percent of its global workforce in response to a "challenging market environment" due to falling oil prices.
UK union warns of wage gap in workforce
A report has warned of the stark wage gap in the UK’s workforce, with workers on zero-hours contracts earning £300 a week less than permanent employees.
UK workers witnessing wage decline
A fall in real wage rates is being driven by a hollowing out of managerial jobs and shifts in the workforce that mean more workers are accepting poorly-paid jobs, according to an in-depth analysis of the UK jobs market.
America's most invisible workforce is the one we need the most
I started organizing domestic workers 16 years ago in the US. I signed up nannies, housekeepers and home health aides at parks and train stations as they quietly took care of our children, our households and our elders.
Women constitute 50% of Iranian workforce
Iranian women constitute 50 percent of Iran's workforce, a Tehran-based independent labor market analyst said.

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