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How world’s largest NGO provides aid to Rohingya people
Over the past few decades, an ethnic group of Muslims known as the Rohingya has been subject to extreme poverty and inhumane persecution in Southeast Asia.
Scientists create world’s first 3D printed bionic eye
Researchers have 3D printed the first prototype of a bionic eye which could one day be surgically implanted into people,
Half the world’s schools lack hygiene facilities
Nearly half the world's schools lack clean drinking water, toilets and hand-washing facilities, putting millions of children at risk of disease, experts warned on Monday.
Depths of history in world’s biggest urban caravanserai
The 135-year-old Caravanserai of Sa’d al-Saltaneh is the world’s biggest urban caravanserai located in Qazvin.
Something is killing the world’s snakes
A strange disease is threatening the existence of snakes on the planet and scientists do not how to prevent the disease from spreading.
Women still carry most of the world’s water
Imagine going through your day without access to clean, safe water in your home for drinking, cooking, washing or bathing whenever you need it.
‘Laughable’ claims against Tehran by the world’s ‘schoolyard bully’
The United States’ accusations against Iran over “destabilizing” the Middle East are “laughable,” says a former Congressional staffer.
World’s response to implementation of Iran historic nuclear deal
Many world leaders and politicians respond to the implementation of Iran’s historic nuclear deal with world powers.
World’s biggest tour group investing in Iran
Germany’s TUI Group, the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world, is interested in investment in Iran which is being tagged as the most lucrative hospitality development market.
WB: Number of world’s poor people to fall
The number of people living in extreme poverty is likely to fall for the first time below 10 percent of the world's population in 2015, the World Bank said on Sunday as it revised its benchmark for measuring the problem.

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