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Trump knew hush-money payments were wrong: Cohen
US President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen has said that Trump knew it was wrong for Cohen to arrange hush-money payments to women alleging affairs with the billionaire in order to prevent damaging information from surfacing during the 2016 presidential campaign.
They were thought to be 'too young' for breast cancer. They were wrong
Melissa Rojas was a week away from her one-year wedding anniversary when she learned she had breast cancer. The 28-year-old nurse had no family history of the disease.
Three things that have gone wrong for Man Utd
Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho suffered the heaviest home defeat of his coaching career as Tottenham Hotspur won 3-0 at Old Trafford on Monday to deepen an early-season crisis for the Red Devils.
Beware of those scientific studies — most are wrong
A few years ago, two researchers took the 50 most-used ingredients in a cook book and studied how many had been linked with a cancer risk or benefit, based on a variety of studies published in scientific journals.
'Alien' asteroid discovered orbiting wrong way near Jupiter
An ‘alien’ asteroid from another star system has been discovered sharing Jupiter's orbit.
Araqchi: It would be wrong to give concessions to Trump over JCPOA
Iran’s deputy foreign minister described some Europeans’ policy to give concessions to the US president in order to keep him in the nuclear deal as “wrong,” saying that the policy would backfire, IRNA reported.
Have you got the wrong impression about schizophrenia?
Schizophrenia does not mean you have a split personality or automatically become violent, a mental health charity warned.
Erdogan: Relocating US embassy to al-Quds is wrong
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says that even relocating a stone in Israeli-occupied Jerusalem al-Quds will have serious implications, let alone moving the US embassy there from Tel Aviv.
Can you spot what’s wrong with this five lira note?
The Turkish five-lira banknote shows a DNA helix, the solar system, atomic symbols, and a portrait of science historian Adnan Sayili. But the banknote is bearing an erroneous scientific depiction ever since it was issued in 2009, according to Turkish Nobel laureate Aziz Sancar.
What is going wrong for La Liga giant?
On March 16, goals from Luis Suarez, Neymar and Lionel Messi eased Barcelona to a 3-1 Champions League victory over Arsenal, completing a straightforward 5-1 aggregate win and sending the holder into the last eight.
Wrong policies lead to more regional wars: Iranian cmdr.
A senior Iranian Army commander has warned of new conflicts in the Middle East as a result of "the wrong policies" of certain countries in the region.

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