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Putin says global confidence in dollar is falling
Washington's use of the dollar as a political tool is backfiring as more and more countries are reducing their holdings of the greenback and switching to other currencies in trade contracts, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.
China's yuan slumps to 11-year low
China's yuan slumped to a fresh 11-year low against the dollar on Monday and stocks fell as the Sino-US trade war sharply escalated, threatening to inflict more damage on the world's largest economies and weigh further on global growth.
Chinese yuan falls to weakest level against dollar since 2010
The Chinese yuan fell to its lowest level against the dollar since August 2010 in morning trade on Monday, fueling speculation that Beijing is allowing currency depreciation to counter threatened US tariffs.
China's top banking regulator says yuan bears will suffer 'heavy losses'
China’s banking and insurance regulator on Saturday said it did not expect a persistent decline in the yuan and warned speculative short sellers they would suffer ‘heavy losses’ if they bet against the currency.
Chinese firms to invest 5m yuan in northeastern Iran
A group of Chinese firms sealed an agreement with officials of Iran’s northeastern province of North Khorasan to invest a total of five million yuan in the mining industries of the province.
Central bank adviser says China should defend currency at seven yuan per dollar
China should not allow the yuan to fall below seven per dollar or attempts to stabilize the currency will become more costly on the country’s foreign exchange reserves, Sheng Songcheng, an adviser to the People’s Bank of China, said on Saturday.
China isn't likely to let the yuan weaken much further
China's leadership is prepared to let the country's currency weaken to support its exporters as global trade tensions deepen, experts told CNBC.
Dollar out, Yuan in: Iran changes benchmark currencies
Iran has removed the US Dollar from its official currency rate reporting platform and replaced it with China’s Yuan in an effort that the media in Tehran say could be a key step toward ditching the greenback in trade.
Emerging-market volatility rise as trade war rattles yuan
Emerging markets may be headed for a period of increased volatility as the midyear lull saps liquidity and the US-China dispute leaves traders struggling to decipher the yuan’s likely direction.
China new loans surge to record 2.9 trillion yuan
China's banks extended a record 2.9 trillion yuan (£331.48 billion) in new yuan loans in January, blowing past expectations and nearly five times the previous month as policymakers aim to sustain solid economic growth while reining in debt risks.
Yuan has fully recovered but still room to run
Given its recent strength, there's even some talk that the yuan is becoming a safe-haven play.
China’s central bank lifts lending rates to rein in debt
China’s central bank raised interest rates on a key funding tool, the medium-term lending facility (MLF), in its latest bid to cut debt levels and bolster financial stability.
China's 2017 GDP growth slowing, yuan falling
China's economy will grow around 6.5 percent in 2017, while the yuan will continue to fall, government researchers said in Beijing on Monday.
Singapore firm to launch new funds, boost oil trade in yuan
Singapore investment firm New Silkroutes Group Ltd. is set to launch two new China-focused funds worth $1.6 billion in total and is looking to expand its oil trading business with Chinese customers following a restructure.
BIS: Chinese yuan is most actively traded emerging market currency
The Chinese yuan has overtaken the Mexican peso as the most actively traded emerging market currency, reflecting China's growing influence on the global economy, a survey of the foreign exchange industry showed.

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