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Rouhani urges ministers to hire more female, ethnic managers
President Hassan Rouhani asked his ministers to give more “management positions” to youth, women, and people from ethnic groups.

“One of the promises that I made during my campaign was the level of women in the society and the government supporting them, giving management positions to them”, the president said referring to his promises made before his presidential election in 2013 and 2017, presient.ir reported.

“The other promise I made was taking advantage of young people in management positions,” he added.

“I have always urged all ministers and vice presidents to choose at least some of their deputies and advisors from women, young people and different ethnic groups; this has been stressed by me and I emphasize this again to governor-generals,” he continued.

No women currently hold a ministerial role, but Rouhani appointed three women as members of his cabinet, two as vice-presidents and one as his assistant.








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