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Dog  runs to hospital to comfort owner
Dog runs to hospital to comfort owner
A mini schnauzer who wanted to see her owner in the hospital escaped her home and ran 15 blocks to visit her.

Nancy Franck has been at Mercy Medical Center for two weeks following surgery and her dogs, Barney and Sissy, missed her. On Saturday, Sissy escaped her home and ran the 15 blocks determined to see Franck, UPI reported.

The security cameras caught her entering the front doors of the medical facility and crossing the lobby.

"She missed mom. That's all I can say. She missed mom and she knew to come and see mom," Nancy's daughter, Sarah Wood, told KCRG.

The family is at a loss to explain how Sissy knew where to go. She has never visited the hospital, but has been in the car when Franck was dropped off at work at the cancer center next door.

Franck said she was appreciative of the visit and she was glad Sissy, "thought of it."

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