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Organ transplant rate unsatisfactory
Organ transplant rate unsatisfactory
Seven to 10 patients die daily in Iran waiting for transplants because of shortage of donated organs, said Katayoun Najafizadeh, the head of Health Ministry's Transplant and Rare Diseases Office.

"This means about 25 percent of patients needing transplants lose their lives annually," she added.

The official made the statements at an organ donation ceremony named "Celebration of Breath, Celebration of Life" in Ahvaz, Khuzestan province, on Monday.

"Between 5,000 and 8,000 citizens are declared brain dead in Iran every year, whose organs can save the lives of thousands suffering from organ failures,” she said.

"A year ago, organs of only 665 brain-dead individuals were donated, which is not satisfactory in view of the rate of brain deaths in Iran."

Najafizadeh noted that at least 2,500-4,000 organ transplants are expected in a year.

"Low organ transplant rate is not acceptable for a historically rich and civilized country such as Iran, whose people are known to be altruist and cultured," she said.

Najafizadeh further said Spain, with an annual rate of 35 per 1 million people, has the world's highest rate of donation, which rate in Iran is 8.7 per million.

"Artists are best role models for promoting organ donation," she said, adding that an organ donation ceremony was held 10 years ago in Tehran for the first time with the participation of artists.

"Celebration of Breath, Celebration of Life" was held in Jondishapour Medical University in Ahvaz, in which 39 family members of organ donors were honored.

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