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Nat'l Health Week programs planned
Nat'l Health Week programs planned
Iran will celebrate National Health Week (April 21-27) with the slogan "Food Safety: Farm to Table".

The week will be marked with numerous programs, including the awarding of plaques of safety and health, holding a nationwide public walk and organizing the National Health Seminar.

Several educational and cultural programs centered on health issues will be broadcast on TV and radio during the week.

Each day of the health week has been designated as follows:

First Day: Health and Food Safety Improvement

Second Day: Health and Iranian-Islamic Lifestyle

Third Day: Health Justice and Healthcare Services

Fourth Day: Health, Self-Care Education

Fifth Day: Health and Social Participation

Sixth Day: General Health Policies and Collaborations

Seventh Day: Health Economy and Expansion of Investment

Iran will mark the World Health Day on April 7.




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