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Iranians develop nanotextiles like body tissue
Iranians develop nanotextiles like body tissue
Researchers from Amir Kabir University have developed nanotextile composite structures like body tissue for production of cell implantation scaffolds.

Tissue engineering is the study of growth of new connective tissues, or organs, from cells and a collagenous scaffold to produce a fully functional organ for implantation.

Ruhollah Baqerzadeh, a faculty member of Advanced Textile Material & Technology Research Institute of Amirkabir University, said a scaffold with physical structures should be designed for producing a tissue through engineering methods.

He added that at first, a porous material is prepared as scaffold for cell growth.

“After the proper growth of cells, the scaffold is transferred into the body from laboratory environment,” he said.

New methods have been used for producing nanotextile scaffolds by using electrospinning.

The faculty member said various samples were produced in the Faculty of Textile Engineering by selecting natural polymers such as gelatin and collagen, and synthetic polymers such as PLC.

Baqerzadeh noted that the results of assessments of cell implantation on composite samples in comparison to nanotextile scaffolds showed that the composite scaffolds produced in this research institute have higher efficiency.


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