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Sama College prepare students for jobs
More than 1,000 girl students are studying architecture, graphic design, computer, accounting and physical education in Mashhad’s Sama Technical-Vocational College, said the head of the college.

Reyhanaeh Maarefdoust said the college’s structure complies with the current requirements of the society.

She noted that to provide more jobs for women, new branches of studies are expected to be offered in the college, adding that efforts are underway to increase the number of students.

The official said the same fields of studies are offered to students studying in Sama Boys College.

She noted that the college has been established in the year to March 2004, the girls and boys colleges were separated some eight years ago.

Maarefdoust pointed out that 10,000 students have so far graduated from Sama College.

“The college introduces its graduates to centers that announce their needs,” he said.

“We are planning to establish a club for the college graduates. This will help prepare students for employment in knowledge-based companies.

The ground is prepared for all graduates to be employed in Sama College or Islamic Azad University.      

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