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Positive trade balance continues for second month
Positive trade balance continues for second month
Iran posted a positive balance of trade for two consecutive months since March 21. This is while imports also experienced a downward trend during April 21- May 21, 2015.

Imports reached $6.34 billion during March 21-May 21, 2015 indicating a 13.82-percent decline compared to the figure for the same period of last year, IRNA reported.

In this time-span, the country's non-oil exports amounted to $7.86 billion — a decline of 2.66 percent year-on-year.

Iran's major non-oil export items during this period included propane, tar and polyethylene.

Also, the top five destinations of Iranian exports were China, Iraq, the UAE, India and Afghanistan, respectively.

In this period, imports included corn, rice, soy bean press cake, mining industry machineries and wheat, accounting for 3.44 percent, 2.42 percent, 2.24 percent, 2.12 percent and 1.77 percent of the total imports.

The UAE, China, South Korea, Turkey and India were the major exporters to Iran.

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