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Iran to register ‘kamancheh’ in UNESCO
Iran to register ‘kamancheh’ in UNESCO
An Iranian researcher recounted the efforts for enlisting traditional Persian musical instruments in UNESCO.

Behrouz Vejdani, a member of Research Faculty of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, disclosed his team’s efforts to register a group of traditional Persian instruments on the UNESCO List of World’s Instruments, Mehr News Agency reported.

Vejdani,  who along with others from Iran's Music House have been major contributors to preparing the registration dossier of the ‘kamancheh’ in UNESCO’s list, lamented what happened in case of ‘tar’ in which Azerbaijan took the initiative in registering an originally Persian instrument in UNESCO as an Azerbaijani instrument.

He urged Iranian cultural officials to take prompt steps to register traditional Persian instruments in UNESCO.

‘Kamancheh’, an Iranian bowed string instrument and the historical ancestor of the European violin family, also appears in paintings of 1669 in Hasht Behesht Palace in Isfahan.

Currently, Kayhan Kalhor is the greatest maestro of the instrument. He was born in the western city of Kermanshah in 1963. Two of Kalhor’s works were nominated for Grammy Awards in 2004.

Other famous Iranian ‘kamancheh’ players include late Ali-Asghar Bahari, Ardeshir Kamkar and Saeed Farajpouri.

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