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Iranian invention helps disabled people communicate with eye movements
Iranian invention helps disabled people communicate with eye movements
Iranian researchers managed to create a system which enables patients with physical disabilities to type letters or communicate with others only by their eye movements.

 “This system is a human-computer interface in the form of a headset which is mounted on a pair of glasses to recognize the eyes’ electrical signal. It will help people with disabilities convey their intention or request without using hands,” Sima Soltani, an MA graduate in medical engineering and the leading researcher, was quoted as saying by Mehr News Agency.

She said the system will also allow the users to play video games using eyes, which improves their skills while keeping them entertained.

Soltani said lightweight, wireless performance, detection of vertical and horizontal movements of the eye, efficient typing, conveying intention by selecting images and incorporation of video games are among the main features of this invention.

“It allows disabled people, who are not able to move their limbs and speak, to express their intentions and feelings just by moving their eyes,” she added.

She said the prototype of this interface has been prepared and is ready to enter the market. “Signals are recorded at a high quality in the headset which allows disabled people to work efficiently with the system.”

Soltani said that 600,000 patients with mobility impairment will be able to communicate with others by using this system.

This device  has been developed by a knowledge-based company in the city of Isfahan.


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