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Cardiovascular diseases affecting Iranians  at younger ages
Cardiovascular diseases affecting Iranians at younger ages
Iran ranks among the most developed nations in terms of access to the latest know-how on treating heart diseases, said Dr. Mahmoud Hashemian, a cardiologist.

"Iran is at par with the most developed nations when it comes to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases," he said, adding Iranian specialists are among the most proficient in the world and the latest medicines are available in the country.

However, he said, Iranian men and women are reportedly being diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases under the age of 40 and 60, respectively.

"Iranians were once diagnosed with such diseases at much older ages," he said, blaming early emergence of diseases on unhealthy lifestyles.

"Heart diseases are the leading cause of between 30 and 35 percent of deaths in the worldwide, which could be prevented by avoiding foods high in cholesterol including fast foods," he said, urging citizens to exercise and reduce weight to have healthy hearts.

Hashemian said Iran observes National Day of Atherosclerosis on Dec. 18, during which neurologists and cardiologists discuss the latest achievements on diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases.


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