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Majlis to review bill to delegate women issues to female judges
Majlis to review bill to delegate women issues to female judges
A bill on reviewing cases of judicial issues pertaining to women in the presence of female judges will be presented to the Majlis in near future, said a lawmaker representing Tehran.

Soheila Jelodarzadeh further said the urgency of women's issues should be taken into consideration in the society, IRNA reported.

Women's problems should be solved fundamentally, she added.

"Currently, we are studying a bylaw to establish special courts for women. Since there are numerous issues pertaining to women, there should be a place for gender segregation. Special courts for women can be helpful in this regard."

Jelodarzadeh said, "If such courts are established, lots of legal and judicial problems concerning women will be solved.

"Today, we have Family Court. But, we haven't been able to establish special courts for women. Therefore, we will present the bill to the Majlis to create a secure environment for the presence of women in courts."

She continued that many women face economic and familial problems.

The lawmaker said there should be nongovernmental entities for rendering judicial support to women and assist them with the help of female lawmakers.

"We will also present a bill to Majlis about female judges."

She added that female judges should be present in special courts for women to safeguard the rights of women.

The bills will be further studied in Majlis Women and Family Commission, she said.

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