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Journalism Code of Ethics
Journalism Code of Ethics
1. Journalists are required to adopt an objective viewpoint towards facts and developments and provide readers with valid and precise news as well as logical and impartial analyses.


  1. Journalism is more of a social service, than a business. A journalist is always required to incorporate morality and ethic into his/her activities and work.
  2. A journalist is required to publish news items with distinct and valid sources.
  3. Plagiarism, distorting texts and documents as well as omitting basic facts and information from events are not plausible and acceptable in journalism.
  4. A journalist is required to refrain from accepting any monetary rewards or bribe paid to serve particular purposes which are contradictory to public interests.
  5. A journalist avoids any pressure or intimidation for publication of materials or alteration of the content and follows the general policies of the media and principles of professional honor.
  6. A journalist follows the principles of professional honor by respecting national independence and sovereignty, public order and security as well as public good.
  7. A journalist accords due respect to religious principles and beliefs, ethnic and national customs and rites, good ethics and public chastity and avoids tendency towards hostile discrimination in this regard and also refrains from provocation that may lead to aggression against other countries.
  8. A journalist accords due respect to the divine and human values, including justice, freedom, peace and human security as well as cultural, social and economic independence and progress of the nations.
  9. Making efforts for promotion of peaceful coexistence among nations, fighting proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), prevention of environment pollution and struggle against cultural hegemony are among significant missions of the journalists.
  10.  It is a duty of a journalist to respect the personal honor and privacy of individuals, avoid disrespect and accusation against people, but promote psychological peace and health of the society.
  11. A journalist is obliged to keep his/her professional secretes and avoid disclosure of information and the news that he/she obtains as confidential, expect in cases allowed by the court, while defending freedom of reporting, analysis and criticism.

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