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Clinton's to lose and she's doing a good job of it: Analyst
Clinton's to lose and she's doing a good job of it: Analyst
US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is doing a good job of losing to her Republican rival Donald Trump, an American political analyst and activist says.

Myles Hoenig, a Green Party candidate for Congress, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Thursday while commenting on a new poll which shows Trump and Clinton are tied among likely voters in a four-way race for the White House.

In a two-way race, Clinton leads Trump among likely voters by 2 points, 46 to 44 percent.

“Rarely in US political history have we seen an election in which the presumptive winner, the one expected to run away with a win, is struggling just to keep her head above water,” Hoenig said.

“Hillary Clinton was anointed the Democratic nominee long before even the first voter voted in a primary election. With so many party leaders pushing for her and so many state party apparatuses fraudulently voting for her, her win as the nominee was guaranteed,” he stated.  

“Even with a successful challenge from the Independent Bernie Sanders, she only managed to squeak out a win in the end. Probably the final coup de grace for the primary win was when her controlled media, CNN and the others, declared her the winner even before polls closed in California. The hubris of the ‘fix’ was way over the top!” he noted.

The analyst said now Clinton is “in a fight for her political life with Donald Trump, a character no one expected to even be the Republican nominee and one who many believed never wanted to win it in the first place.”

“Stories and rumors have it that Bill Clinton convinced him to run just to give Hillary Clinton an easier shot at winning the election. It was very much like Barack Obama as a state senator from Illinois. The only way he could have won his Senate seat was to run against someone so disreputable in the Republican Party that no could conceivably lose to him. That was Alan Keyes, and in Obama’s case, he won,” he stated.

“Today the election is getting tighter and tighter. Trump had a few good weeks lately and even showed himself up against a world leader, Pena Nieto of Mexico, who is even less popular in his country than Clinton and Trump are in theirs,” the political commentator observed.

He said Clinton has taken “a nosedive in popularity now that she’s proven even to her supporters that transparency is not a part of her vocabulary. Her recent bout with pneumonia only showed that she will continue to lie and conceal what we as voters should know about her.”

“There was a very popular movie called The Producers. The producers in the movie wanted to stage a show on Broadway called ‘Springtime for Hitler’ that would be so bad that that they could promise enormous returns to their benefactors knowing that a flop would relieve them of their financial obligations. In the end, the show was a hit and the fraud was exposed,” he observed.  

“Is this election our ‘Springtime for Hitler’? Is Trump the character not expected to win but does?” Hoenig asked, in his concluding remarks. 

Clinton’s growing unpopularity follows renewed focus on her use of a private email server while she served as secretary of state, as well as alleged conflicts of interest over her connections to the Clinton Foundation fundraising.

Clinton is also facing criticism over the delayed release of her pneumonia diagnosis over the weekend.

The 68-year-old former First Lady was forced to abruptly leave a 9/11 memorial in New York on Sunday due to a medical episode, stirring speculations about her well-being.

The candidate’s physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, released a statement via the campaign and said she had pneumonia.

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