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MP: Reformists will back Rouhani in presidential election
MP: Reformists will back Rouhani in presidential election
By Sadeq Dehqan

A senior reformist lawmaker has expressed the support of his fellow party members for incumbent President Hassan Rouhani in the upcoming presidential election.

“Naturally, if Rouhani expresses his preparedness to run for president in the election, which will surely happen, we [reformists] should ‘coherently’ support him,” Mahmoud Sadeqi, the head of the Coordination Council of the Reformist Front, told Iran Daily in an exclusive interview.

Rouhani, who assumed office in August 2013 after winning the presidential election two months earlier, has not officially announced whether he will be a nominee in the next round of the elections scheduled for May this year.

Sadeqi described as ‘positive’ the Rouhani government’s performance during its four-year term. He, however, said the administration has not met all demands in the field of domestic policy. “The government is still far from reaching the desirable level in the field of domestic policy.”

A nuclear agreement reached with the major world powers in 2015 is considered as the biggest achievement of the Rouhani government’s foreign policy apparatus.  

The accord known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) took effect in January 2016 and removed nuclear-related sanctions against Iran in exchange for the Islamic Republic placing certain limits on its nuclear program.

Efforts which led to curbing rampant inflation are also among Rouhani’s major domestic achievements. Inflation soared to over 40 percent under his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (2005-13). Nevertheless, the incumbent administration has managed to register a single-digit inflation rate in the country after 25 years. 

The government’s cabinet consists of reformists and conservatives who are among the most experienced figures in the country.

Nonetheless, reformists who played a major role in Rouhani’s victory in the 2013 election, have demanded a larger share in the cabinet.

Sadeqi echoed such a demand saying reformists have had more expectations from the government to choose more reformist figures for the cabinet and benefit from their advice.

“Reformist lawmakers have done their best to interact with the government, but the administration’s efforts [in this regard] have not been desirable,” he said.

The head of the Coordination Council of the Reformist Front also called on the government to attach significance to the views of the MPs that support it.


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