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Three accolades for Iranian film at Santiago festival
Three accolades for Iranian film at Santiago festival
The Iranian film 'Baby With Red Socks', directed and produced by Khodadad Jalali, grabbed three prizes at the Santiago International Film Festival in Chile.

The flick won the awards for the best film, the best actress (for Samaneh Nasri) and the best music (for Sattar Orki) at the festival, IRNA reported.

The cast of the film includes Samaneh Nasri, Pantea Bahram, Amin Zendegani and Afshin Sang-Chap.

The plot of the film revolves around a group of Afghan refugees living in southern Tehran among brick kilns who have come to Iran illegally and work without permit. Bahar-Naz, an Afghan woman who just given birth to a girl has to flee the region in order to save her child. She runs away from her husband, from rotten traditions and the burning heat of ignorance.

The film has so far won several prizes in different international events including California Film Festival and Lumisade International Film Festival in Finland.

It also bagged several prizes at the 8th Jaipur International Film Festival and Golden Triangle International Film Festival, both in India.

The Santiago International Film Festival ('Santiago Festival Internacional de Cine'), also known as SANFIC, is a film festival that was launched in 2005.

Along with the well-known Valdivia, SANFIC has become one of the most prestigious film festivals of Chile and South America.

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