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Shanghai hosts a host of Iranian films
Shanghai hosts a host of Iranian films
A number of Iranian films is to be screened at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival in China.

'Yellow' directed by Mostafa Taqizadeh, 'Dogs and Fools' by Ali Mohammad Qasemi, 'Malaria' by Parviz Shahbazi, 'Daughter' by Reza Mirkarimi, 'Being Born' by Mohsen Abdolvahab, 'Duet' by Navid Danesh, 'Inadaptable' by Ebrahim Ebrahimian, 'Simulation' by Abed Abest are among the films which will go on screen in the festival.

Some of the works by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami will also be screened at the Chinese event to pay tribute to him. They include 'Close-up', 'The Wind Will Carry Us', 'Taste of Cherry', 'Where Is the Friend's Home', 'Certified Copy' and 'Through the Olive Trees'.

Founded in 1993, Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), as the only competitive film festival in China approved by FIAPF, has focused on awards, markets, forums and film exhibitions so as to build an international platform, and promote the development of the Chinese film industry.

The 20th edition of Shanghai festival opened on June 17 and will run until June 26, 2017.

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