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'Alone Among the Taliban' set to attend Spanish filmfest in October
'Alone Among the Taliban' set to attend Spanish filmfest in October
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Iranian documentary 'Alone Among the Taliban' is to be screened in the 12th Marbella International Film Festival i the Costa del Sol in Spain in October.

Commenting on his work, Mohsen Eslamzadeh, Iranian director, said the Spanish festival will be the documentary's seventh presence in an international fest, Mehr News Agency reported.

He noted that earlier, the length of the documentary was 57 minutes, adding "However, following consultations with critics who had seen the movie, we decided to increase the length of the flick by eight minutes and pit it in international fest's competition section for features."

The documentary is a production of Misagh Cultural Center, Eslamzadeh said.

"We intended to focus on distributing the documentary in international networks. Thus, we entered talks with UK's Espresso TV — a film distribution company — and signed a deal with the firm after a few months of negotiations. 'Alone Among the Taliban' is currently on the distribution list of the British company. The firm will be the sole distributor of the documentary among the international networks, except the Persian language ones, for seven years."

He added the documentary is expected to be translated into Spanish and take part in Latin American states. "This is because we have been informed that in Argentina also people know Taliban."

The Spanish filmfest brings together artists and their films from all corners of the globe to display their talents to the commercial world. The festival is growing in stature and receives continuous worldwide accolade, recognition and support for its contribution to the arts.

The 12th edition of the fest will be held from October 4-8.


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