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International project on attracting foreign investment in Iran
Iran; the next frontier
International project on attracting foreign investment in Iran
By Amir Mostafavi*

There are currently very few countries in the world with Iran's conditions and opportunities for investment. After decades of sanctions and separation from international markets, Iran is now ready to take advantage of these opportunities.

For many years, Iran has been more widely known in political arena and global understanding of Iran has focused more on political aspects and less concerned with economic and business issues. Besides there has not yet been a comprehensive economic campaign which can adequately introduce Iran into the world.

Having rich economic and investment opportunities, most Iranian industries are full of economic opportunities especially the small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Lack of international promotions on Iranian economic arena has led to the negligence of Iran potentials. Although the existing information about Iran is less widely and suitably published, many foreign business owners entering Iran are surprised at different infrastructures and advantages, and admit that Iran is not quite well known in the global arena.

In this respect, after three years of efforts and establishing appropriate informational infrastructure, Iran business and foreign investment portal was launched on May 2017 which holds comprehensive reports on Iran economic and industrial analysis, investment opportunities and incentives. The portal outputs were published as website '' and Invest in Iran (Book and  e-book) which is being updated biannually.

By providing relevant information concerning Iran's potentials and capabilities, this project will open the way for foreign investors into economic arena. This project will also result in export development and introducing capabilities in international markets as well as providing good context for partnership and joint ventures between domestic and foreign companies.

Following the release of the publication's first version, IBT is well planned to prepare the 2nd version, invest in Iran 2018.

This continuous report provides comprehensive information on Iran's economy which is categorized in 28 industries. Each industry contains periodical statistics, indices, SWOT, and investment opportunities. Initially, Iran's general information is presented in geographical, political, social, and economical fields. All of information and data are from domestic and foreign sources; the most precise and up-to-date information are presented as well. The report content is categorized as:



General information


Country overview





Laws and rules

Foreign Investment Promotion

Capital market




Industries' profile


1 - Agribusiness industry

2 - Automotive and parts industry

3 - Banking industry

4 - Cement, ceramic and tile industry

5 - Construction and materials industry

6 - Consumer electronics industry

7 - Distribution and retail industry

8 - Engineering and contracting industry

9 - Financial and investment industry

10 - Food and beverages industry

11 - Handicrafts and carpet industry

12 - Healthcare industry

13 - Hi-Tech and knowledge-based industry

14 - ICT industry    

15 - Insurance industry

16 - Machinery and Equipment Industry

17 - Metals industry

18 - Mining industry

19 - Oil and gas industry

20 - Petrochemical industry

21 - Pharmaceutical industry

22 - Power and renewable energy industry

23 - Rubber and plastic industry

24 - Textile and leather Industry

25 - Tourism industry

26 - Transportation industry

27 - Water and wastewater industry

28 - Wood, paper and cellulose industry



This extensive project calls for good cooperation from authorities, ministries and economic institutions, which, with their participation and support, will witness an ever-increasing economic development, foreign investment attracting, developing exports and international partnerships.



*Amir Mostafavi is the CEO of Iran Business Time

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