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800,000 glaucoma patients in Iran unaware of their disease
800,000 glaucoma patients in Iran unaware of their disease
By Sadeq Dehqan & Katayoon Dashti

Glaucoma does not have special symptoms at first, and in the majority of cases, it is an inherited disease, said the scientific secretary of the 27th Congress of the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology.

Dr. Heydar Amini told Iran Daily that based on research conducted across the country, 800,000 suffer glaucoma.

“Since glaucoma is a harmful disease, we recommend those who face a glaucoma risk refer to an ophthalmologist for a check-up.”

He said relatives of glaucoma patients and those who wear glasses for acute myopia (nearsightedness) and acute hyperopia (farsightedness) are more affected by glaucoma.

According to him, 10-15 percent of those above 80 years old may contract glaucoma.

He said glaucoma is the second common reason behind irreversible blindness worldwide. Over 65 million persons suffer glaucoma across the world, he added.

If not properly treated, a glaucoma patient will go blind, he warned.  

Glaucoma is accompanied with an increase in intraocular pressure, leading to optic nerve damage, he said.

Ja’farzadeh noted that optic nerve damage occurs gradually and is accompanied by a reduction of vision in the patient.

“There are several types of glaucoma: Some have specific symptoms. Acute glaucoma has symptoms such as headache, blurry vision, nausea, vomiting and red eye. It is more prevalent in East Asia.”

Currently, the only way to treat glaucoma is to reduce the intraocular pressure through taking medicine in the first stage, laser treatment in the second stage, and surgery at the final stage, he said.

Glaucoma doesn’t have any specific treatment, he said, adding treatments such as surgery and laser therapy may be effective only for a certain time.

New methods have been used in glaucoma surgery in the past five years, but they don’t have the efficiency of the ancient methods of surgery, he added.

The 27th Congress of the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology is underway in Tehran, he said. It started on December 4 and will run until December 7.

A medical equipment fair has been held on the sidelines of the congress to introduce the new ophthalmology technologies, he concluded. 

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