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Iranian researcher identifies diagnostic antigen for MS
Iranian researcher identifies diagnostic antigen for MS
For the very first time, an Iranian biologist together with his two daughters have managed to identify a diagnostic antigen for multiple sclerosis (MS) after 11 years of studies. They are now on the verge of finding a cure for this disease.

Mahmoud Sedaqati, a biologist also with a degree in electrical engineering, told Mehr News Agency that he and his team began working on this project in 2006 by studying all research and articles ever done on MS, a potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord.

He noted that seven years of this 11-year-old project was dedicated to research, adding “After that, we spent four years working in the lab, and finally in 2016, our discovery for MS diagnostic was patented in the UK, and will be published in international journals in March 2018.

“The results of our seven years of studies helped us to classify the disease into sixteen different categories, and we succeeded in identifying 7-8 exclusive antigens for MS,” he added.

According to him, his team has managed for the first time to find a way for diagnosing MS through blood test.

“Our tests revealed that in 92 percent of men and 80 percent of women, and in total, 85 percent of all cases, MS can be detected with this antigen,” he said.

Sedaqati noted the success of the results of his project on animals, adding “We are waiting for global announcement in order to commence work on human subjects.”

He added that a number of foreign companies have already offered to fund his project.

The Iranian researcher further expressed hope that he would reach a definite cure for MS in three to four years’ time. 

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