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Rouhani, Macron talk int’l, Iran developments
Rouhani, Macron talk int’l, Iran developments
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had a phone conversation with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, during which the two sides discussed the recent developments in the region and Iran.

Rouhani called on France to take immediate actions against a Paris-based terrorist organization that is inciting violent protests in the Islamic Republic.

"We expect the French government to abide by its legal responsibility towards this terrorist group along the lines of battling terrorism and violence," Rouhani made the call during the phone conversation with the French president on Tuesday.

The MKO is the most hated terrorist group among the Iranians because of its dark history of assassinations and bombings, and for siding with former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in his eight-year war against Iran in the 1980s.

Over the past few days, the MKO has been calling for violence during peaceful street protests in several Iranian cities.

Rouhani described bilateral, regional and international cooperation and relations between Iran and France as contributing to development of peace, stability and security in the region and stressed the need to further deepen Tehran-Paris ties, reported.

Since Thursday, groups of Iranian protesters have staged demonstrations in several cities to voice their anger over rising prices and economic conditions. Sporadic violence has erupted during the protests, causing a number of casualties.

Macron urged his Iranian counterpart to show restraint in dealing with protests, Macron’s office said in a statement, Reuters reported.

The statement said Macron had expressed his concern to Rouhani over the number of casualties in the six-day-old protests.

Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian’s planned trip to Tehran later this week was also postponed to a future date, the French presidency said.

"We need to work harder to develop cooperation and consultation in order to promote and consolidate peace and stability in the region," quoted Macron as saying.

Describing the role of the IRGC in destroying Daesh (ISIS) undeniable, the French president said that France does not deny the role of the Quds Force in destroying ISIS and appreciates this presence.

"We have never supported terrorist groups and will not allow any action to take place against other countries from France," he continued.

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