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Iran overhauls 3 grounded warplanes
Iran overhauls 3 grounded warplanes
Three grounded warplanes of Iran's Army Air Force were overhauled, a senior commander said on Thursday.

The three overhauled planes, namely an F-14 (Tomcat), F-7 and PC-7 were unveiled in a ceremony in Shahid Babaei Air Base, Isfahan, on Iran's National Air Force Day, IRNA reported.

On the early days after the Islamic Revolution, the American military advisors were claiming that Iranian engineers and pilots could not make use of the F-14 planes without their help, since the planes were purchased in the last years of Shah era, Brigadier General Mohammad Jafar Tak said in the ceremony.

But the F-14 planes conducted 16,000 sorties after the Revolution and during the Sacred Defense, he said.

The great task, done by Iranian Air Force staff, proved that no sanction can paralyze Iran's defense capability, the commander said.

The three overhauled warplanes added to the air base capacity, he said.

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