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Moderate quake hits Hormuzgan Province
Moderate quake hits Hormuzgan Province
A moderate quake, measuring five degrees on the Richter scale, shook Takht city in Hormuzgan Province on Wednesday.

The seismographic center of the country said the quake occurred at 16:03 hours local time (12:33 GMT).

The quake was sensible 26 kms deep inside the ground and its epicenter was 10 kms from Takht city, 21 kms from Qale Qazi and 47 kms from Sergez in Hormuzgan Province, IRNA wrote.

No report is yet available on likely damage.

One more quake, being 2.07 degrees in intensity, shook a region 20 kms from Fareghan in Hormuzgan Province at 13:32 hours local time (10:02 GMT) on Wednesday.


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