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Russia FM: US military presence in Syria illegal
Russia FM: US military presence in Syria illegal
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reaffirmed on Monday that the US military presence in Syria is illegal and contrary to the UN Charter.

He made the statement in reaction to (US President) Donald Trump’s statements regarding withdrawal of forces from Syria in near future.

Lavrov said that US president has spoken of pulling back forces from Syria in near future; that’s to say he is committed to his earlier remarks on withdrawing forces from Syria after the country’s victory over Daesh.

Lavrov stressed that the US has dispatched its special and airborne to Syria illegally and the military alliance forged in the country is void of legality.

The moves run counter to the UN Charter which underlines honoring all countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity, he said.

Russia has on several occasions said that its diplomats and military are in contact with the US officials regularly, as it is interested to immediately solve the Syrian crisis, establish peace and find a diplomatic settlement of issues in the country, he said.

American officials have repeatedly announced that they are not seeking to split Syria but they could not have managed to convince Russia that they do not really want to do so.

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