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US should stop bullying: Algerian expert
US should stop bullying: Algerian expert
The US officials, who are constantly threatening other countries, should know that they will not get anywhere by bullying, as other countries will not renounce their legitimate rights.

Head of Association of Universities of Algiers Abulfazl Mohammed bin Hende told IRNA that Iran is a respected sovereign country that has always been seeking peace and stability in the region.

Commenting on the threats by certain US officials on withdrawing from the nuclear deal with Iran, the academic said, “Washington cannot cancel the deal unilaterally because of the opposition from their European counterparts and the public opinion in the US.”

The American officials has always been threatening, but Iran should insist on its rights, he added.

Iran has always been thriving for peace and it should pursue its approach while insisting on its legitimate rights, the expert said, adding that bullying will not get the US nowhere.

“As Muslims, we believe that nuclear weapons are destructive, and we do not want any country to own such weapons, but the question is that why some countries reserve the right for themselves to have them but prevent others from possessing one,” he said.

“Current US officials have adopted unreasonable policies, and President Donald Trump is taking measures that will not lead to good results; they had better know that the time to threat others is over,” said bin Hende.


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