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How to watch the Strawberry Moon in UK
How to watch the Strawberry Moon in UK
The full moon is almost here for June, with the Strawberry Moon set to brighten the summer skies. So how can you watch it in the UK?

The Strawberry Moon is the seventh of the 13 full moons to grace our skies this year, according to

This full moon is going to make its appearance on June 28.

The Strawberry Moon comes just as the Northern Hemisphere celebrated Summer Solstice last week, ringing in summer and the longest days of the year.

This moon gets its name from coinciding with the start of the strawberry picking season on the North American east coast.


How can I see it in UK?


According to NASA, the Strawberry Moon will appear from 5:53 a.m. BST (4:53 a.m. UTC).

If you’re eager to see the full moon at its peak, you’ll need to drag yourself out of bed early, but in this weather, that won't be too hard.

Your best bet for a clear sighting is away from artificial light — so in a park if you’re in a city, our out in the countryside.

This full moon will reach its peak just a day after Saturn reaches opposition with Earth.

Today, the moon will have positioned itself high up in the southern the sky to the right of Saturn and northeast of the bright stars Sigma Sagittarii and Kaus Australis.

A full moon occurs every 29.5 days and is when the Moon is completely illuminated by the sunrays.

We see the full moon when Earth is directly aligned between the Sun and the moon.

Elsewhere in the world, the full moon will appear around the same time, but time differences should be taken into account.

For parts of the US, for instance, the full moon will appear in the final hours of Wednesday, June 27, so check your local time zone online.



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