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US' reaction to Iran Deal makes North Korea doubt: Iran envoy in Seoul
US' reaction to Iran Deal makes North Korea doubt: Iran envoy in Seoul
US' unilateral withdrawal from Iran Deal is a proof of their lack of commitment to international deals, which has made the North Koreans hesitate the talks with the US, said the ambassador of Iran to South Korea on Saturday.

“The North Korean authorities know that the US has reneged on the international treaty of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which has made them worry and hesitate,” said Hassan Taherian, IRNA reported.

US President Donald Trump visited his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong-un on June 12. After a four-hour meeting, they signed a four-article agreement to start a new kind of relationship.

Taherian said that by looking at the JCPOA, the North Korean authorities should know that “there is no guarantee that the US' next government keep loyal to the agreement.”

Iranian envoy in Seoul said that Trump's new demands and the probability of the Congress' lack of support for North Korea-US talks are among the challenges of Pyongyang, adding, “The fact that North Korea demanded to disarm phase by phase shows that Pyongyang doesn't trust the US.”

Taking up such a policy means that North Korea is asking for a guarantee from the US administration; they will undoubtedly take into consideration Iran-US nuclear talks and experiences of Libya and Iraq.

Regarding reason of US-NK talks, he said, “The most important one is Trump's insistence on a new kind of talks; he didn’t agree with Obama's method and after quitting the JCPOA unilaterally, is trying to introduce a new pattern for negotiations in the world.”

The range of North Korean missiles and their threatening to target the US mainland are among other reasons for the talks, said Taherian.

“In the negotiations, Trump is only after maintaining the US security; the security of its allies, including Japan and South Korea, is of no importance to him, whatsoever.”

He added that the new president of South Korea decided to restore peace with the country's neighbors, like Japan, China or even Russia, which is among the regional reasons of the negotiations.

If China, as the biggest commercial partner for North Korea, stops accompanying the US, the negotiations will fail, Taherian added.

Experts believe that Trump is using the talks to suppress his domestic and foreign problems, such as his relations with Russia during the elections, unpopularity, sex scandal, triggering economic wars, and quitting international deals, including the JCPOA, UNESCO, and Paris Accord.


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