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Energy Ministry prioritizes solar power
Energy Ministry prioritizes solar power
Iran's Energy Ministry will prioritize the generation of solar energy in the central regions of the country, said energy minister on Friday.

Reza Ardakanian called on domestic and foreign investors to invest in power generation projects, IRNA wrote.

He said such investment can not only help meet domestic demand but also pave the way for electricity exports.

The minister noted that generating electricity from different sources are among the plans stipulated in the country's development plans.

Ardakanian said Iran's high voltage network in currently linked to all neighboring countries.

He noted that the Islamic Republic is turning into a major hub for generating and transferring electricity in the region.

Iran is heavily dependent on natural gas and oil to generate power. It is one of the most energy-intensive countries in the world because government subsidies for fossil fuels encourage inefficient energy use.

Water shortage and air pollution, however, is becoming an acute problem for the country of more than 80 million people, forcing officials to embrace the idea of expanding renewable energy capacity.

Existing wind and solar capacity is limited. According to SUNA (Renewable Energy Organization of Iran), there are only 15 wind farms nationwide.

Iran is seeking 5,000 MW of renewable energy by 2020, with more than 4,000 megawatts expected to come from wind power. The country has approximately 141 MW of installed wind power.

SUNA is looking to attract $10 billion of direct private investment by 2018 and $60 billion by 2025. The national grid is also being upgraded to cope with an influx of renewables.

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