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Pieces displayed at ‘Louvre in Tehran’ return to Paris
Pieces displayed at ‘Louvre in Tehran’ return to Paris
Invaluable pieces which were on display at 'Louvre in Tehran' exhibition were packed and returned to its original home in Paris on Tuesday, said the director of the National Museum of Iran.

Jebrael Nokandeh added that the momentous exhibition, which opened on March 5, attracted 251,690 visitors of whom 248,945 were Iranians and the rest were international visitors.

The process of packing the Louvre pieces and delivering them to the airport as well as its security measures lasted one week, ISNA wrote.

Following the 'Cyrus Cylinder' exhibition in Iran in 2010 which hosted 424,730 visitors, the 'Louvre in Tehran' was the most visited exhibition in National Museum of Iran.

Cyrus Cylinder has been on display at the British Museum since its formal acquisition in 1880 and it has been loaned four times — twice to Iran, between October 7-22, 1971 in conjunction with the 2,500 year celebration of the Persian Empire and again from September-December 2010, once to Spain from March-June 2006, and once to the United States in a traveling exhibition from March-October 2013.

He added that 'The Rose Empire: Masterpieces of 19th-Century Persian Art' which were on display at the Louvre-Lens until July 23 were also returned to Iran safely.

The total number of visitors for this exhibition were 152,504.

This exhibition was dedicated to the arts of the Qajar Dynasty that ruled Iran from 1786 to 1925: A period which saw the modernization of Iran, even while the country sought to preserve its identity and traditions.

The number of people visiting 'Louvre in Tehran' was almost 100,000 more than those visiting 'The Rose Empire: Masterpieces of 19th-Century Persian Art' which indicates the interest among Iranians in ancient civilizations.


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