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'The Season of Warm Breezes' sweeps Portuguese award
'The Season of Warm Breezes' sweeps Portuguese award
Iranian documentary 'The Season of Warm Breezes', directed by Hossein Rigi, was awarded at the 5th Filmes do Homem - Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival in Portugal.

The documentary grabbed the Jean-Loup Passek Award for best short or medium international film of the human rights film event, reported.

The Iranian documentary competed for the best international short or medium length film award with 14 other titles from Brazil, Spain, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, France and the host country.

A brief synopsis of the film reads, "A teacher in Iran's Sistan-Baluchestan Province tries to eradicate illiteracy among female inhabitants. The teacher, who had been unlettered till the age of 12, sticks to her roadmap to educate girls and women."

The Portuguese festival selected documentaries for 2018 under the themes of 'identity, memory and border'. According to the event's website, all selected films demonstrated "the author's point of view about aspects related with social, individual, cultural and identity issues".

The festival aims to promote and disseminate ethnographic, social cinema.


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