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Official: US still top buyer of Iranian carpets
Official: US still top buyer of Iranian carpets
The US is the top export destination for Iranian handwoven carpets despite Washington's sanctions against Tehran, said the head of the Iranian National Carpet Center.

Fereshteh Dastpak said Iran's exports carpets valued at $126 million to the US which, she said, accounts for 27.9 percent of the country's total carpet exports, IRIB wrote.

She said 792 tons of carpets valued at $38 million were exported to the US in the four months to July 22, 2018. She added the figures for the same period last year were 292.5 tons and $21 million.

The official said that exports to Germany amount to $57.5 million every year and constitute 13.6 percent of the total exports.

Dastpak noted that handwoven carpet exports to Lebanon, the UK and Japan amount to $30 million, $23.4 million and $23.1 million respectively.

She further said Iran is the top exporter of handwoven carpets in the world.

Dastpak added that carpet imports are considered as contrabands.

Persian hand-woven carpets are exported to about 80 countries.

International economic sanctions imposed on Iran in 2011 over its nuclear program dealt a blow to its carpet industry.

The removal of sanctions which began in early 2016 helped Iran promote its carpet exports. The lifting of the sanctions was part of the 2015 nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) signed with the major world powers.

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