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Officials launch 'slow motion coup d'etat' against Trump
Officials launch 'slow motion coup d'etat' against Trump
A “coup d’état” has been launched by the White House against the US President Donald Trump, according to Stephen Lendman, an American journalist, writer and political analyst based in Chicago.

“What’s going on is a slow motion coup d’état to oust him from office,” Lendman said. 

The New York Times published an Op-Ed by an anonymous writer on Wednesday that claimed senior officials within the Trump administration were weary of the president’s impulsive nature and were quietly working against him, Presstv Reported.

The article stated cabinet members had even considered invoking the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution to oust the president.

In an interview with Press TV on Friday, Lendman said the NYT article was part of a coup aimed to oust Trump. 

He said that the Op-Ed aimed to trash Trump and criticize him for wanting better relations with Russia and North Korea while being very anti-Iran.

Lendman said, instead, the article should have criticized Trump for his many mistakes, including launching “imperial wars” and giving “tax cuts to the rich” and “destroying social justice in the country”. 

Lendman believes the mounting pressure on Trump is paving the way for his early exit from office. 

Insanity must end  

Trump has been hit by numerous scandals since he entered office in January 2017.

The scandals surround illegal payments to playmates, collusion with Russians, firing staff, attacks on adversaries, support for supremacist, trade wars, exiting the climate agreement and Iran nuclear deal, etc.

His presidency has been described as the most insane administration in the history of the United States.

Many political and media pundits are of the opinion that as early as next month, in November, Trump may either resign from office or face impeachment.

If the Democrats gain majority in November’s midterm congressional elections, Trump’s impeachment is certain, according to Vice President Mike Pence.

Either way, impeachment or resignation, pundits say Trump must go.

An eye-opening book by renowned investigative reporter Bob Woodward, this week, described the White House under Trump as an insane "crazytown."

The Woodward book, "Fear: Trump in the White House," reported that senior officials stole documents from the president Oval Office to stop the president from acting on his impulses, reinforcing the assertions in the NYT Op-Ed.



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